• Hee, glad you think so, thank you! :D

      My parents got me the nam prik pao, it’s Mae Ploy brand. They tend to shop at Wing Yip in Croydon or the branch of Hoo Hing in Mitcham. I’ve seen the same brand (along with others) in my local Thai shop and many of the Chinatown shops, too. It’s one of Kasma Loha-unchit’s recommended brands. It’s a bit on the sweet side, which I think really works in dishes like this to contrast the salty flavours, but I’d still like to try making my own.

        • Cool! Yes, definitely, I was just there today (yesterday, rather….) and had a nose around the shops. Many of them will stock similar dry goods, pastes, sauces, including nam prik pao.

          My family and I like New Loon Moon and SeeWoo’s – big range of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs in addition to all the staple dry goods and sauces etc. Was tempted by a huge bunch of cha-om at New Loon Moon…

          • Ah yes, I’ve been there before. Wicked shop full of tempting goodies. I’ll keep you posted when I make and post my Kao Soi. This is my Chiang mai special. Thanks again, Andy

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