1. I made 2 different recipes last year—one similar to this, and another that involved boiling the oranges whole before slicing. It was such a production, I just didn’t feel up to it this year. “Nope. So very many nopes.” But it looks like you did a wonderful job!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is such a production, isn’t it? I worried that someone would say, ‘Pah, what are you talking about? My five year-old keeps the whole household running on their effortless marmalade-making skills!’ and I’d have to be ashamed for ever.

      I’ve read on other sites that marmalade-making used to be even more troublesome as people hadn’t yet got it down to a more precise science, so you’d do all the laborious soaking, chopping, and boiling but still get a runny preserve with leathery peel. I call that unimaginably annoying!

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