1. What a wonderful cake! I love that it is naked- so often we overfrost things, especially in America. And its great having leftovers, but sometimes its even better not having any. Everything feels much more complete when it is all finished at once.

  2. What a gorgeous spread… everything looks so elegantly presented. Love the cake, too. Good on your mum for stabbing it (I always have trouble destroying cakes that are intricately beautiful!). Love the fact that you’ve left the exterior without frosting. The colour variation makes it even prettier :)

  3. […] 7. Unfrosted Carrot Cake Make this untraditionally naked carrot cake with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting smashed between the layers. For a vibrant garnish, peel a carrot and place the shreds in a bowl of ice water. The cold liquid will cause the peels to curl. Top with pomegranate seeds and the carrot curls. Get the recipe here. […]

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