Tangerine, clementine, or mandarin curd

A gentle, fragrant curd with freshly squeezed tangerines and their bittersweet zest. It was a good relaxing morning today: we listened to Drive-in Saturdays, a double-feature movie podcast by Dorian and Saoirse, Mr. Pear made me tea in my favourite mug, and I had crumpets with plenty of homemade tangerine curd. I was also at the same time reading a […]

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Rhubarb pineapple jam

Small batch rhubarb, pineapple & vanilla jam

Another wonderful preserve from Beatrice Ojakangas, this time a sweet, simple rose gold jam, one of my favourites. Perfect for brightening up the cold months. ‘You’ll love the aroma of this jam cooking,’ Ojakangas writes. Yes. Sour pink rhubarb, sunny pineapple and deep, rich vanilla come together in an unexpectedly lovely way: it’s truly lovely, so syrupy and […]

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Leftover turkey noodle soup

A much-needed bowl of something to soothe. This is the holiday leftover meal from my family, along with pie (of which more later, hopefully). And it just seems like a joke to provide a recipe, but since most leftover turkey noodle soups tend to be more pasta-style I thought I’d provide this friendly suggestion. It […]

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