An Introduction, I suppose.

It is with slight embarassment that I begin this food blog in the first hour of Thursday. As a student, it would be far more becoming to be passed out in someone’s garden after having done several indecent laps around someone’s houseparty, during which several generous gulps of alcohol were taken.

I don’t drink. Perhaps this is my problem.

My other problem is that I spend unusual amounts of time thinking of and reading about food. I am not really sure what was displaced in order to make room for such greedy thoughts. While this may be to the detriment of my degree, I’m glad that it will provide material for this new venture of mine.

Expect me to share my recipes and thoughts on food through prose and pictures. I might also post mostly silly reviews of products and places.

And honestly, I really am known as Pear.

3 thoughts to “An Introduction, I suppose.”

  1. I’m glad you’re starting with this blog, I’ll make sure to read it.
    I love your recipes on LJ!
    I think and read about food very often too, I’m already preparing the menu for my Christmas eve dinner lol

    1. Awww thank you so much Kei!

      Ohh wow what are you going to be preparing? I’ve only read about it, but I’m still envious of the sort of food that is served at réveillon!

      1. I still don’t know exactly, I wanted to make a swedish réveillon but the recipes won’t please my father, I know him and he’s so picky…
        I guess it will be an alsacian or an english one, dunno… I really have to think about it!
        I’ll probably cook a stuffed goose as main dish since I have a lot of guests this year, and maybe grilled trout on a sweet salad bed with pine nuts as a starter. Yeah, it will probably be the alsacian choice…

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