ANABIOSIS 2011: hello again!

I’m back now.

I bet that precisely none of you wondered where I went for 2 years. This is perfectly fine – I wasn’t expecting anything; it wasn’t a particularly active food blog when I was trying to set it up, and it seems a bit silly to apologise for stopping something which barely existed in the first place. But I do still feel, entirely for my own purposes, that I must re-open my blog with a post about what’s been happening and what will happen so I feel more sure about where I’m going.

Things which happened in the past 2 years:

  • I made a lot of food.
  • And I failed to blog about it.
  • So I slowly accumulated a backlog of photos and recipes to share.
  • Excitingly, I graduated in July. I am now Pear BA hons. Lond., or however you do those post-nominal thingies.
  • I am now looking for jobs.
  • In the meantime, I’m volunteering at a library, an art gallery, and as a weekly columnist over at MouthLondon.
  • I am also writing a small booklet on a Thai temple aimed at English-speaking tourists.

That’s all, really.

I’m blogging so that I have an entirely self-directed project to keep me going inbetween jobseeking so I keep up a tiny bit of creativity. You can’t look for jobs or, indeed, do your jobs 24/7, after all! I realise it’s not glamorous to tell the world this, but then, this blog makes no pretensions about creating a fabulously polished image.

I wouldn’t presume to judge people who aim to project a particular image as a blogger, though. I enjoy reading their work, and getting to know them through the persona they create.  Some bloggers think of themselves as self-appointed journalists who relish the idea of being free to show off their amusing thoughts and opinions and their multitude of talents and accomplishments. It’s honestly marvellous to see what people are capable of, how definite their identities and personalities are, and to get a glimpse of their lifestyles and values.

Although I too am a blogger, the similarity probably ends there. In an effort to sell myself, I could list all the things I’ve tried in my life to show how much of a multi-talented carefree genius I am. Instead I will comfortably admit, while settled in front of my laptop with a huge packet of crisps and scratching my belly,  that I am a self-conscious dilettante.

But then, if I’m a food blogger, then surely I must at least have some talent for cooking or writing about food? Well, you see, I could say – following the scores of food bloggers out there – that my blogging isn’t about liking food. My goodness, no: you see, this preoccupation with food cannot be described using so tepid and commonplace a word as ‘like’. It is a passion. It is an obsession. I could say that I live, eat, and breathe food —  especially the eating part. I could be a self-avowed locavore who grows their own wholesome and rosey-cheeked free-range organic  food. I could be that someone who exclusively frequents high-end, well-stocked, well-staffed delicatessens who flirts with the attractively knowledgeable shop keeper and moans softly over the rows of produce. I could be that adventurous foodie who digs out the gastronomic gems of London and Bangkok, describing each mouthful to you so evocatively, with such enticingly delicious prose, that you feel you’re there with me while I explosively kiss my bunched foodie fingertips to signify the fine culinary quality of my discovery.

But I won’t, because none of that was exactly true. My approach to food is actually made up of greed, laziness, and curiosity.  I like feeding people and feeding myself in easy and delicious ways, and wondering how I can make things even easier and more delicious.  And that’s the kind of thing I’m going to share on my blog.

So, there we are, then.

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