Around Snacks Never Relax: Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake Ice Cream from Chin Chin Labs

February13 185

Obviously the solution to the wind and sleet is to consume more cold things.

This is my first and so far my favourite weekly special from Chin Chin this year. Every flavour comes through clearly–fresh banana, little melting bits of dark chocolate, the starchy-sweet middle of a doughy pancake. We chose salted caramel sauce to go with this and it was wonderful. I know it probably reads like too much of a good thing but certainly doesn’t taste that way.

Sorry about the indoor photograph, by the bye! It was getting on for 5 and we were in the corner away from the window. It’s legible, at least. One of the reasons I can’t wait for summer is that it’ll make the sort of photos I like to take a bit easier to complete–I enjoy natural lighting best, it’s most of the work done for me. But then, what do I know about photography in general? Just last week, after 3 months of farting around, I managed to make sense of how to use the manual setting on Mr. Pear’s dSLR. I’ve stopped being all, ‘NO BUT WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO? AND THIS ONE? WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON ANYMORE,  WHERE IS THE MANUAL.’ Considering my aim was by 6 months, this is pretty good going for someone like me–I need lots of time to learn how to use a tool properly. I think I will writer a fuller post on pictures soon, but in the meantime expect lots of recipes which involve oranges.

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