Around Snacks Never Relax: Cajeta Cashew Crunch ice cream from Chin Chin Labs

Spring has well and truly settled down now, we think. Cold weather breeds such sadness and lethargy in me, you’d think growing up in a cold house whose rooms were half underground and barely warmed with questionable central heating would be character-building. We would have to wear hats and gloves indoors, and most activities were carried out swaddled in blankets. But no, moving to a properly heated house still means I am whiny and particularly overdramatic come winter time, and I still feel much more energetic from mid-spring.

This is fortunate, as with spring comes SPRING CLEANING.

my spring cleaning face

So, the things I’ve been mixing up lately are not really food, though I suppose they could be if you have unusual tastes. I’ve been making household cleaning products from white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (not together, obviously, unless you’re unblocking drains). If I’m honest this isn’t because I am vociferously crunchy (though it’s cool if you are!), but mostly because I am lazy and can’t be bothered to have half-a-dozen bottles of stuff to clean each specific infinitesimal component of my flat when a perfectly effective and safe cleaner can be made from 2 or 3 ingredients I already have in my pantry. These considerations particularly matter if you only have limited storage space.

But that’s boring.


I have been doing, erm, gardening (???) if one can call it that. We don’t have an actual garden. We’ve a communal balcony but the lock is difficult and I am worried that I’ll end up locking myself out and will have to spend the rest of my days out there, vine-covered and shivering. But I’m content with looking after a few pots of ballockwort plus a few herbs. I’ve regrown celery and spring onions from their stumps. There’s also basil and coriander.

Despite my newfound vernal vim and vigour, I found myself wanting a quick break yesterday, so Mr Pear and I went down to Chin Chin Labs for some ice cream.

2013-05-06 15.38.25

We got this week’s special, the cajeta cashew crunch. It is not too sweet, with a real burnt sugar note and crunchy-sticky bits of cinnamon-cashew brittle. In my mind there’s no such thing as too much ice cream, even–especially!–if it’s as absurdly rich, smooth and creamy as theirs, but we usually share our portion (the staff are happy to oblige and give us two spoons without asking) and it’s the right amount for us.

Then we went home and I made us some Thai-style noodle soup, which I will write about soon. It’s something I’ve been eating most days in the past couple of weeks.

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