Chocolate raspberry layer cake

I am newly 24.

This is what I remember:

1. At 17, a blistering scald on my finger from Italian meringue and Italian meringue buttercream, all for the sake of macarons. A plaster still on my finger when I went on that once-in-a-lifetime school trip to Florence. (Year 13 History of Art and Photography. We felt grown up drinking rosé in view of the duomo.)

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Pumpkin and Egg Stir Fry

Ugly food is good food. This stir-fry is full of soft textures and gentle flavours, quite unlike the complex profiles of the more popular Thai dishes. Even if you’re a chilli fiend who loads up on the stinkiest fermented sauces, sometimes your palate (and, let’s be real, your guts) become exhausted, and you return to […]

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