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This is a blog primarily about food, interwoven with snippets of my life.  I’m a self-conscious dilettante with a degree in History of Art from SOAS & UCL, a former Team member (Croydon 14), and, unfortunately, an art student. On this blog I record and share what I learn about cooking, baking, and the cuisines of my cultures.

I’ve been staring at cookery books and noodling around the kitchen since primary school but had never learned how to make Thai food as my father is a professional cook. Since I moved out in 2013 I’ve taken a self-taught crash course in how to cook Thai food. During my research I realised that the purportedly Thai recipes featured in popular British books and on cookery websites are, to put it mildly, questionable.

Traditional and contemporary Thai food can be accessible and affordable to everyone if you have the knowledge: it’s so much more delicious and varied than just bunging peanuts and coconut milk into something and calling it Thai.

I hope to cook intelligently, to neither be dogmatic about strict tradition nor careless with this rich heritage. I want to learn the roots and principles of this cuisine, and I hope you will learn with me, too!

Also, I bake a lot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My posts are informed by my various experiences as a young London-based British-born Thai. That sounds almost glamorous. It really isn’t. Far from being a charming bilingual intellectual of the world who ably holds forth on every topic imaginable at dinner parties, most of what I actually say in either language is “Hello”, “That’s a nice painting”, and “I’m hungry”. My idea of a balanced diet is a bowl of Mama instant noodles in one hand and a chip buttie in the other, but I also don’t mind a nice bit of duck confit or gaeng paa gai. (I don’t go to dinner parties.)

I live with Mr. Pear in London. He does the washing up with great diligence. When I asked him if he would still love me if I woke up with chocolate eyeballs, he said it was ‘difficult to answer these hypothetical questions.’ A keeper.

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  1. Pear, you’re awesome. Talented, eloquent and very awesome, in fact. Following you from now on (love your story of your courtship with Mr Pear. Very romantic, methinks! I love quick decisions. Too much time is wasted deliberating!)

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