Milkbar German chocolate jimbo cake

German chocolate jimbo cake

Well, here we are. A tall cake, full of flavour and texture: there’s chocolate cake, a coconut filling that is better than a Bounty bar, salty-sweet pecan-feuilletine crunch, and mellow Ovaltine frosting. Each layer is delicious on its own but makes the most sense together. It’s a lot of work and I’m very proud of […]

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Cranberry pistachio shortbread

A bigger batch of these cranberry-studded biscuits with the addition of pistachios. I love the gold, green, and deep red together. These are my favourite holiday cookies because I find them well-balanced and not too sweet. Sweet-tart dried cranberries and fragrant clementines always evoke the holidays for me, and here they perfectly brighten up a rich shortbread. A handful of pistachios […]

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A banoffee pie tricked out with chocolate

The original banoffee pie is perfect as it is, but for this year’s Easter lunch I wanted to make something that was familiar and very welcome but also a bit different. I’m hesitant to call this a straight-up chocolate banoffee pie because the chocolate doesn’t actually dominate in the way that such a name would suggest. The aim was for the chocolate […]

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