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‘With Her Diamond Teeth’ in The Dark, 4,988 words

Short story. A lesbian horror re-telling of Chalawan the crocodile, a Thai folk tale. Concerns marriage, the difficulty of sisterhood, and crocodile women.

(Featured on the 2016 Locus Recommended Reading List)

‘A Mermaid in The Mermaid’ in Issue 12 ‘Joke’, Stone Telling (April 2015), 24 lines
Rhymed mermaid poetry. Yes, it is a joke. It’s set in one of my favourite places, the seaside town of Rye. (Read more about it here.)

‘How We Are Marked’ in Issue 5, Interfictions Online (June 2015)
A prose-poem-ish thing. Bodies between time, gender, sexuality, histories in Ban Chiang, Northeastern Thailand. (Read more about it here.)

‘She Shines Like a Moon’, Issue 7 ‘Skins’, Lackington’s Magazine (July 2015), 1,500 words
Prose-poetry. In north London, a genderqueer krasue balances nightly hunts on the Heath with daytime knitting, but finds isolation and English weather hard to bear.

– ‘Candidate 45, Pensri Suesat’, Journal of Unlikely Academia, Unlikely Story (October 2015), about 5000 words
Short fiction. Art education, angels, and epistemological injustice.

– ‘The Insects and Women Sing Together’ in THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia, eds Jaymee Goh & Joyce Chng, Rosarium Publishing (November 2015), 7,480 words
Short fiction. Two girls reach an age where their lives change utterly: Kaew is a girl in rural Khorat who secretly dreams of making machines, while her mother, Amphon, makes a living out of secrets; her past was re-made by the command of a singular Lady Mo, the necessity of war, and the quiet whirr of certain insects.

‘The Rice Mother in Red’ in Issue 35, The Future Fire (December 2015)
Short fiction. Thai Londoners come into possession of a rice goddess’ wandering cat and the earth goddess’ wayward heart.

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