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Hi. I’m a London-based writer who also sometimes paints and crafts.


Story-telling is the core of what I do.


For non-fiction, I write about identity and resources. I’m interested in how people give and take, how we relate to and communicate with each other, the similar and different things we value. My special interests are food, the arts, gender & sexuality, Thai-ness, British-ness, and the internet.

My work has appeared on MouthLondon, For Books Sake, and WeAreCollision.

My fiction is much the same, really, only set in made-up worlds. Speculative fiction is an excellent tool.

I’ve got a degree in History of Art (Asia, Africa, Europe) from SOAS and UCL, jointly. In addition to developing strong thighs from marching around Bloomsbury, I came away with an eye for all things visual and fine fingers for typing about all the things I’ve seen.

You can contact me via email — contact (at) pearnuallak (dot) com — or Twitter, @pearnuallak.


Smile, Shortlist,  Long Way Home short story contest by the Asia-Europe Foundation and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, 2013

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